Books - Tait Berge
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My Name is Tait (Published 2021)

Life is hard. Add in a disability, and it can be even more challenging. Tait knows. In My Name is Tait, Tait writes about his successes, challenges and hard times as he faces a world that doesn’t always accept his disability. In this book, you’ll have a front seat as Tait shares his thoughts on disability, family, education, work experience, and much more.
Written for young adults who live with disabilities, My Name is Tait is a honest look at the issues people with disabilities face as they enter adulthood and navigate world that wasn’t designed for disability. Tait also writes with great wisdom and insight for professionals and friends who want to better understand the realities of having physical limitations.
My Name Is Tait offers hope and practical help for young people looking for a compassionate guide into the world of adulthood.

In the Accessible Church (Published in 2013)

If someone who uses a wheelchair shows up at your church, how would you respond? Would you know what to do, how to act, what to say? Or maybe you would feel a little awkward?
That is how Tait Berge’s pastor felt the first time Tait wheeled into International Anglican Church. Now the pastor says, “Our congregation would not be complete without the blessing of Tait as a part of our body.”
Inside In the Accessible Church, Tait writes about leaving familiar surroundings in search of an authentic faith community. He wasn’t about to let his disability keep him away from what God had for him. What he found was a church that saw past his disability and into his heart. Journey with Tait as he finds a new church home, worships, and serves his Lord.
In the Accessible Church, you will:
• Learn the framework of the theology of disability
• Discover how someone with a disability can be an active part of the church
• Be challenged to include someone with a disability in your congregation

My Exodus (Published in 1999, Revised in 2006)

My Exodus is Tait Berge’s first book. Originally written to express his love for his first service dog, Nouveau, Tait learned so much more. “I just wanted to write down a few stories about my golden friend,” Tait says. “What I learned about myself and my faith blew me away. I couldn’t have dreamed that this book would lead me to my life’s work.”
Born with Cerebral Palsy, Tait has always fought for his independence. In 1989, he was matched up with Nouveau through Canine Companions. During their seven years together, the two have done it all including graduating from high school, going to college, and moving out to live on their own. My Exodus is the story of a young man and his wonderful canine friend, as they overcome personal obstacles to achieve a rich, rewarding, and independent life.

Capernaum Moments (Published in 2005)

Based on Mark 2:1-12, Capernaum Moments is a devotional booklet about Tait’s experiences as his friends bring him to Jesus’ feet. Tait’s disability may be challenging at times, but his friends don’t let that stop the special times with Jesus. Tait calls these times “Capernaum Moments.”
“A Capernaum Moment is a special time when a friend helps me get close to Jesus,” writes Tait. “These are stories about people who serve faithfully, give sacrificially, and love unconditionally. My life is changed because God put them in my life.”
Join Tait as he writes about times he felt close to Jesus as his friends drove his van, helped him at retreats, and worship along side with him. Tait is always blessed when he is around his friends in these settings.
***Book was specially designed by Ken Maynard and is only available through Tait.