Spring Update - Tait Berge
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Spring Update

Happy spring! (Whatever that means in Colorado.)

Life is busy, but God is good. I’m in the middle of another semester and just had my once-in-a-semester breakdown asking if it’s worth it and if I’m good enough. It wasn’t a bad episode…keeps me grounded. Maybe my 50th birthday contributed to my mood. The ministry is moving forward with a growing partnership with New Life Downtown and a possible partnership with some old friends who have a ministry in Albania.

Book news: my publisher had a change in their warehousing system, and I had to take in 520 copies of My Name is Tait. We now have 7 boxes stacked up by the back door!  I’m still deciding on how to distribute my book, but I’m fulfilling orders myself. They will be available on my website for a donation to the ministry and/or the cost of shipping.  I don’t want to give them away just to give them away,  but I’d be open to any suggestions….


The reason for this letter: Entering a time of rest

I realized the other day that Kelly and I need a break. We haven’t traveled for a while, and what better place to go than to a Joni and Friends Family Retreat! Our friend is directing one June 9-13 at our old haunt, Castaway Club in Minnesota. It’ll be good to get totally away and see new and old friends. We’ll also get to see my brother’s family, and I’m hoping to talk Kelly into driving through North Dakota to visit a friend or two.

In order to go, we need to raise funds for camp fees and travel expenses. I’d like to see us raise $2,000 to $2,500 for this trip. Will you prayerfully consider helping with this trip? Mephibosheth Ministry finally has ONLINE GIVING , or checks can be sent to our Mephibosheth Ministry’s mailing address: PO Box Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

My heart is breaking as I close this letter. I don’t normally get emotional over the news, but the Nashville shooting broke me. There are so many things that are wrong, but I’m reminded we have a Lord that understands and has overcome evil. I’m thankful for that and looking forward to entering into Holy Week and celebrating Easter Sunday!





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